Skills are a way to improve the character in Europe 1400.

Introduction Edit

At character creation all skills are at level 1 except for the one skill associated with the trade the player chose as his main trade, which starts at level 10. Skills open the advancement of trade specializations and the learning of new trades. Skills are also used in various actions and the level of the skill determines the success rate of the action. Lastly, they tremendously influence the game in politics, commerce and production.

List of Skills Edit

The menu of skills can be accessed by the player by clicking on the character's portrait and selecting the tab "Skills". They are:

Increasing the Skills (needs more work)Edit

Skills and trades Edit

Each trade requires a certain level of a skill, this table lists that relationship.

Trade Skill
Blacksmith Craft
Priest Rhetoric
Thief Darkness
Alchemist Magic
Robber Combat
Weaver Bargaining

Each level of a trade also requires a minimum skill level of the related skill.

Trade Level Skill Level
Apprentice (Level 1) 10
Assistant (Level 2) 20
Expert (Level 3) 30

Skills and Actions (needs more work)Edit

Some actions are based on a certain skill. The level of the skill determines the success of the action, the amount involved and some other parameters.

Skill Action Effect
Craft Production in Workshops The time it takes to produce items is reduced. See more in here.
Rhetoric Applying for offices The higher rhetoric is, the better the chances of winning.
Cases in Court Increases the likelihood of the case being in your favor.
Bargaining Price of goods Increases the probabilities and the amount of money returned when buying or selling items.

Skills and Achievements Edit

There are several Achievements that are gained based on skills.

Group Name Rewards Description
Gold Jewels Points
Skills Apprentice of your craft500005This dynasty has upgraded at least one of its talents to at least 20.
Assistant of your craft50000030Increases one of your talents up to a minimum of 50.
Master of your craft01100Upgrades one of your talents up to a minimum of 100.
Secret Skills Apprentice of the world10000025This dynasty has upgraded every one of its talents to at least 20.