Patches are software updates that change some part of the game in someway.

This is a list of the highlights of the patches. For more information on each patch see the corresponding link.

The date is the date it was released in the USA server and the original list of patches can be found at the official site.

Usually the patch is released on one server first and it takes about 1 week for the patch to be released on all other servers.



2010-09-15 Initial Version Edit

2010-10-6 Version Patch_GF_2010_07_27_1800 Edit

  • New content
  • Bugfixes

2010-10-12 The Adventurer – Version GF_2010_09_13_1409 Edit

  • Missions added
  • Change avatar picture
  • New features
  • Error corrections

2010-10-28 Version GF_2010_10_22_1503 Edit

For this patch there were only 2 in-game messages, no other information.