GF 2010 10 22 1503

There was no information given besides 2 messages sent using the in-game mail system.



Message 1 Edit

New in "Europe 1400"

Europe 1400 has received a new update:

  • We have adjusted the mission rewards according to your feedback
  • You can now move to small towns as well
  • Election victories give you permanent points

As always, you can find a comprehensive list of the improvements made here: Changelog.

Have fun with the updates, Your Europe 1400 Team

Message 2 Edit

New in "Europe 1400"

To celebrate Europe 1400's first birthday and Halloween, we have a little surprise for you:

  • With this version, your action points will be filled to the max (not including players in vacation mode).
  • There are new Avatars.

Like always, you will find a list of changes here: Changelog.

Keep having fun and stay true to us, your Europe 1400 team