The Adventurer – Version GF_2010_09_13_1409

Missions added Edit

  • Players can now find missions in the Craftsmen’s Quarter, Pub Quarter, Scholars’ Quarter, Crooks’ Quarter and the Forest
  • Each mission expires after a set time.
  • There is a cooldown time between working on missions, but this can be ‘bribed’ with a Jewel.
  • Missions cost action points.
  • Missions earn you Gold, temporary effects as from artefacts and privileges, or permanent mission points.
  • Mission points are added to your total points.
  • You can see your current mission in the character profile under the ‘Missions’ tab.

Change avatar picture Edit

  • You can now change your character’s picture. A selection of free as well as premium pictures are available.
  • Players an also change their gender for the price of an operation fee.

New features Edit

  • Offices: On the candidacy screen, the current office holder will from now on be displayed in the uppermost line (even when no one is actively running for office)
  • Production screen: the ‘complete’ button will no longer be in the position of the ’start’ button
  • City overview: There are now guideposts for the individual quarters on the city map.
  • Players will receive 3 additional action points per round (Residence level 1 = 3 Action Points, Residence level 2 = 4 action points, etc)

Error corrections Edit

  • Reputation: Errors in calculating random loss of reputation have been corrected.
  • Messages: When a subject is too long, it will now be shortened.
  • Ranking: You can now search for people within the rankings again.
  • Passwords and registration: A problem has been corrected regarding special characters within passwords.
  • Carts: A case of carts not arriving has been corrected
  • Carts: If carts are ’stolen’ the cost in Jewels will not be listed twice in the account overview
  • Court: Opening character profiles from the courthouse was leading to logout in some cases
  • Messages: Messages remaining ‘unread’
  • Gather resources: Display errors in the dropdown menu have been corrected
  • Master spy privilege: When the master spy is used at the same time as normal spies, all espionages are now correctly displayed in the evidence book again
  • Guild profile: A display error of the guild leader position in the membership overview has been corrected
  • Character profile: A display error that could occur when reputation was at 100 or negatively buffed was been corrected