Version GF_2010_07_27_1800



New content: Edit

  • These privileges can now be used on targets in your own country (instead of just in your own city like it was before):
  • Torture Prisoner
  • Protect Person
  • Arrest Someone
  • Release Captive
  • Guard Building
  • Inspect Workshop
  • Confiscate Goods
  • Bless Person
  • Spread Rumours
  • Excommunicate Person
  • Bless Workshop
  • Forgive Sins
  • Declare Crusade
  • Inquisition trial
  • Assassinate
  • Storm Prison
  • Master Spy
  • Brainwash
  • Friend, enemy and guild symbols were added in the menu for attacking transports.
  • Character profile: next to the title its level is now displayed.
  • Election messages: now contain own chance again.
  • New achievements for state offices.
  • Complete redesign of the production screen.
  • Ongoing productions can now be finished prematurely by using jewels.
  • The current building condition now affects the production speed.
  • The effect of expansions on the production times has been increased.
  • You can now activate vacation mode in the settings.
  • Guild messages can now be deleted.
  • You get 1 action point at the end of the round for each residence level now.

Bugfixes: Edit

  • Offices: The jewel for the feudal lord is now correctly taken into account in your balance overview.
  • Offices: The feudal lord’s tooltip now displays the jewel correctly as part of the office income.
  • Character profile: A bug that lead to display errors with espionage and other player’s profiles has been fixed.
  • Court: A bug was fixed that lead to logouts when opening other players’ character profiles while being in court.
  • Carts: A progress bar display error has been fixed.
  • Organize coup: an error in the system message at the end of the effect was fixed.
  • Guilds: You can’t throw yourself out of your guild anymore.
  • Messages: chosen filters stay active even after browsing through different parts of the game.
  • Attack transport: the transport’s value is now displayed in the transport overview again.
  • Manage carts: the transport’s value is now displayed in the transport overview again.
  • Law book: the tool tips of the laws are now displayed again.
  • Guilds: a bug that lead to guild leaders not being able to view applications was fixed.
  • Host a party: you can’t host parties with yourself as the guest anymore.
  • Death: a bug that caused problems when loading the residence while being dead was fixed.
  • Fear and terror: this privilege could sometimes not be used, this should now be fixed.
  • Guilds: guild messages are not sent to non guild members anymore.