Missions can be a way to increase your funds and points.

Description Edit

Missions can be found by selecting City Overview and then going to one of the areas: Craftsmen -, Pub -, Crooks' -, Scholars' quarters or Forest region. It is advised to go to an area that is related to your workshop to improve your chances at succes at the mission. For example if you have a Camp then it is advised to go to the Crook's Quarters.

Executing your first mission of the day costs 1 Action Point, executing other missions that day will cost 1 Jewel and 1 Action Point.

Should you not like the mission that you can execute you can ask for a new one for the price of 1 Jewel.

Mission types Edit

  • Duels.
  • Work.
  • Collecting goods in your inventory, for example 6 armchairs.

Duels are fought with a certain skill, like rhetoric or combat. The higher your skill is, the higher your chances at victory are. These missions remain for 4 hours. And you can see how much chance you have to win the Duel on the right-side of the screen.

Work uses a certain skill, like rhetoric or combat, and goes in steps. The amount of steps depends on your skill level as the higher your skill is, the larger the steps you make become. These missions remain for 4 hours.

Collecting goods in your inventory speaks for itself. Create or buy the necessary item and move it to your inventory, then go to the mission giver and click 'complete mission'. These missions remain for 12 hours.

Mission rewards Edit

The rewards depend on the mission you have succesfully executed. Standard rewards are gold and point(s). Some missions also reward you with a temporary skill boost.