Group Law Office Evidence Points Costs to Change Duration Cooldown Regulates
Gold (IconGold ) Jewels (IconJewels ) AP (IconActionPoints )
Secular Threat Attorney§ 3Threats
Murder & manslaughterMayor§ 4Beatdowns and assassinations
BlackmailTreasurer§ 3Blackmail
SabotageMayor§ 4Sabotage and attacks made on buildings
Abuse of officeAttorney§ 2Abuse of office with office privileges
KidnappingMayor§ 4Kidnapping
Theft and robberyMayor§ 4Theft, burglary, escape and armed robbery
Church Herbs and potionsGrand Inquisitor§ 2Using herbs and potions
Using booksChaplain§ 2Using books and scripts.
WitchcraftGrand Inquisitor§ 3Practicing witchcraft and using occult goods
Producing pamphletsChaplain§ 2Using pamphlets and cheat sheets
Carrying weaponsBishop§ 2Carrying weapons.
Shadow PerfectionSupremo§ 3Failures of shadow office privileges
TreasonStreet Boss§ 2Use of shadow office privileges against other shadow office occupants
Code of honorCriminal Genius§ 2Whether destructive measures taken against the weak and the dead are illegal or not

The evidence (§ ) points listed are the amount incurred when that particular law is broken. To know that a person broke the law you need to have an active spy on them.