Europe 1400 is a strategy game played using a normal browser and developed by Gameforge. Its current version is GF_2010_09_13_1409.

To lead his dynasty into glory, the player can choose from a variety of trades at start and is then placed, in a random town in a random county, among other players.

From there he will start his business using his chosen craft. He will have to use the old adage of "buy low, sell high" to increase his profit and get ahead of the competition. Several buildings are available with each building having its own set of extensions and enhancements with various bonus.

Politics are heavily present in the game in several ways:

  • In-game guilds run by players
  • Offices of the city and of the state to which the player can apply for
  • Actions such as assassinate, torture, spy and many others . All these actions are carried out against fellow players.
  • Royalty titles from Citizen all the way to Duke.

The game has other elements such as achievements.