In-game descriptionEdit

The small rooms at the foundry are hot, stuffy and noisy. This is where the blacksmith process begins. The labourers cast steel and use it to produce locks.


Name Production cost Time Components
Steel 8 14m 24s 1 x Iron
Lock 20 38m 24s 1 x Steel


Requires: Blacksmith trade level 2

Costs and building time:

  • No help: 5000 gold, time: 2d
  • Builder: 10000 gold, time: 4h 48min
  • Foreman: 3750 gold 2 jewels, time: 4h 48min


Common requirements:

  • Building level 1
  • Blacksmith trade level 1
  • Building condition at least 50%

Name Effect Number of levels Requirements Base cost
Hammer mechanism Unit level +5 8 -
Tools Labourers +1 8 -
Tools cupboard Storage capacity +10 10 Hammer mechanism level 4
Containers Work speed +25 10 Hammer mechanism level 4

Tools level 4

Lattice Teft protection +2 10 Tools level 4

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