In-Game Description Edit

Extensions Edit

Juggler's camp Robber camp
Circus Coven Robber castle Bandit camp

Production Edit

"Spikes" which need Iron bars to make and are sold for about 43-54 coins depending what city you're in.

"Brass Knuckles" Which need Spikes to make and are sold for about 133-227 depending what city you're in (this is where you get most money from at the beggining of the game besides achivements)

Enhancements Edit

Errand Boy-

Coordination is the key. Good communication is essential in such a big group. Each level increases the number of available laborers by +1. Four ranks of Errand boy are needed for both Barrier of Spears and Deduction from Wages.


There will be no excuse for taking unnecessary breaks under good supervision. Each level increases the unit limit by +5. Four Ranks are needed for Storage Bags and Deduction from Wages.