In-game descriptionEdit

The bar is crowded with chanting labourers and simple people. Small beer flows freely here.

Resource GatheringEdit

Fruits, Water, Meat


Name Production cost Time Components
Alchohol 8 14m 18s 1 x Fruit
Small Beer 21 38m 16s 1 x Alchohol


Requires: Innkeeper Assistant (level 2)

Costs and building time:

  • No help: 5000 gold, time: 2d
  • Builder: 10000 gold, time: 4h 48min
  • Foreman: 3750 gold 2 jewels, time: 4h 48min


Common requirements:

  • Building level 1
  • Innkeeper Apprentice (level 1)
  • Building condition at least 50%

Name Effect Number of levels Requirements
Uniforms Labourers +1 8 -
Mixing Machine Unit limit +5 8 -
Chair Trap Theft protection +2 10 Uniforms 4
Hearth Production Savings +20 10

Uniforms 4, Mixing Machine 4

Barrels Storage Capacity +10 10 Mixing Machine 4

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