Actions related to oneself Edit

Name Target Costs Cooldown Duration Violations Mouse over description
Gold Jewels AP
Action-Train combat
Train combat
selfIconGold variableIconJewels variableIconActionPoints variablevariablevariableImprove your chance of success in combat
Action-Train magic
Train magic
selfIconGold variableIconJewels variableIconActionPoints variablevariablevariableImprove your magic skill
Action-Train rhetoric
Train rhetoric
selfIconGold variableIconJewels variableIconActionPoints variablevariablevariableImprove your rhetoric skill
Action-Train bargaining
Train bargaining
selfIconGold variableIconJewels variableIconActionPoints variablevariablevariableImprove the chance of getting a discount when buying and selling
Action-Train darkness
Train darkness
selfIconGold variableIconJewels variableIconActionPoints variablevariablevariableImprove your darkness skill
Action-Train craft
Train craft
selfIconGold variableIconJewels variableIconActionPoints variablevariablevariableImprove your craft skill
Action-Learn trade
Learn trade
selfIconGold variableIconJewels variableIconActionPoints variablevariablevariableLearn a new trade level
Action-Go begging
Go begging
selfIconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 101:00:0000:10:00Beg for money at the market
Action-Choose avatar
Choose avatar
selfIconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Choose an avatar
Action-Buy title
Buy title
-IconGold variableIconJewels -IconActionPoints -variablevariableImprove your social class
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Overview of all the offices that you can run for
Action-Change Laws
View laws
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Get an overview of your city's laws.
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---You can view or influence all currently running court cases here.
-IconGold 1000IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 2051840:00:00instantChange city
Action-View account
View account
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints -Your income and spending in previous rounds
Action-Character info
Character info
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints -Your character profile and your inventory.

Actions related to guilds Edit

Name Target Costs Cooldown Duration Violations Mouse over description
Gold Jewels AP
Action-Found guild
Found guild
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---You can create a new guild here.
Action-Apply to guild
Apply to guild
guildIconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Apply to join this guild
Action-Guild info
Guild info
guildIconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Your guild info
Action-Leave guild
Leave guild
guildIconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Leave your guild
Action-Write message
Message to guild
guildIconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Write a message to all members of the guild
Action-Throw out of the guild
Throw out of the guild
othersIconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Throw member out of the guild
Action-Transfer guild leadership
Transfer guild leadership
othersIconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Transfer guild leadership onto this target
Action-Change entry
Change entry
guildIconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Change the entry requirements of your guild

Actions related to buildings Edit

Name Target Costs Cooldown Duration Violations Mouse over description
Gold Jewels AP
Action-Produce goods
Produce goods
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Use resources and intermediary products to make high quality goods.
Action-Manage storage
Manage storage
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Move goods to and from your storage and your inventory
Action-Manage carts
Manage carts
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Buy new carts and get an overview of your transports
Action-Buy goods
Buy goods
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Buy the goods that you need at the market
Action-Sell goods
Sell goods
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Sell goods that you have produced at the market
Action-Buy from neighbours
Buy from neighbours
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints -Buy goods from other people's salesrooms
Action-Gather resources
Gather resources
-IconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 100:30:00instantProvide necessary resources
Action-Build workshop
Build workshop
-IconGold 50000IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 0-24:00:00Build a new workshop
Action-Expand workshop
Expand workshop
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Expand your workshop, view your building's values or use an object from the inventory
Action-Demolish workshop
Demolish workshop
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Demolish the workshop irrevocably
Action-Evidence book
Evidence book
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints -View the evidence you have gathered against rivals
Action-Expand workshop
Expand residence
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints -Improve your residence
Action-Pub quarter
Pub quarter
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints -Go to Pub quarter
Action-Forest region
Forest region
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints -Go to Forest
Action-Scholars' quarter
Scholars' quarter
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints -Go to Scholars' quarter
Action-Crooks' quarter
Crooks' quarter
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints -Go to Crooks' quarter
Action-Craftsmen's quarter
Craftsmen's quarter
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints -Go to Craftsmen's quarter
-IconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints -Return to your city

Actions only available to certain trades/workshops Edit

Name Target Costs Cooldown Duration Violations Mouse over description
Gold Jewels AP
workshopIconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 108:00:0002:00:00§ Action can be punishedSteal goods from a workshop
-IconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 108:00:00instantGather resources
-IconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 102:00:0001:00:00§ Action can be punishedPickpocket
Action-Kidnap someone
Kidnap someone
othersIconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 208:00:0004:00:00§ Action can be punishedKidnap and demand ransom
Action-Raid transport
Raid transport
cartsIconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 404:00:0001:00:00§ Action can be punishedRaid transport to steal goods

Malefic actions towards others Edit

Name Target Costs Cooldown Duration Violations Mouse over description
Gold Jewels AP
othersIconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 102:00:0024:00:00Gather evidence against a rival
Action-Write pamphlets
Write pamphlets
othersIconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 108:00:0015:36:00Slander a rival in public
Action-Beat down
Beat down
othersIconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 212:00:0002:00:00Beat down someone
Action-Threaten person
Threaten person
othersIconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 102:00:0012:00:00§ Action can be punishedThreaten person
Action-Charge person
Charge person
othersIconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 104:00:00instantCharge person
othersIconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 424:00:00instantBlackmail
Action-Sabotage building
Sabotage building
buildingIconGold variableIconJewels 0IconActionPoints 104:00:0002:00:00§ Action can be punishedHave a building sabotaged and lower the condition of the building

Benefic actions towards others Edit

Name Target Costs Cooldown Duration Violations Mouse over description
Gold Jewels AP
Action-Write message
Write message
othersIconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Write a message to another player
Action-Support a party
Support a party
othersIconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 124:00:00instantTake a position for this party in your court
Action-Host event
Host event
othersIconGold variableIconJewels 0IconActionPoints 224:00:0004:00:00Host an event with a guest honor at your home
Action-Support candidate
Support candidate
othersIconGold 0IconJewels 0IconActionPoints 124:00:00instantSupport a candidate in the election
Action-Add friend
Add friend
othersIconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Add friend
Action-Add foe
Add foe
othersIconGold -IconJewels -IconActionPoints ---Add foe